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The encounter between the art of living

                            and French craftsmanship



Jina, the flagship element of our collection, evokes many anecdotes from our designers! With its subtle elephant-like appearance and natural wicker, Jina tells the story of our team's road trip to India through its shapes, curves, and character. During this journey, nature awakened precious ideas in our designers, which upon their return, they entrusted to our French artisans. And thus, Jina was born!

Solid flamed oak with a natural cane seat. Dimensions: L 70 x H 81.5 x D 94 cm / Weight: 18 kg.


Nika is our armchair with unparalleled comfort. Inspired by our numerous travels, it offers a seating experience with endless possibilities. No armrest hinders your desires to relax as you wish. Nika embodies the expertise of our designers and artisans, tailored to your style, desires, and comfort. Crafted from solid flamed oak with a natural cane seat, it adapts to urban environments as well as natural settings.


Solid Iroko wood with a natural cane seat. Dimensions: L 76.5 x H 89 x D 92 cm / Weight: 20 kg.


Our coffee table Hadis, with its shape reminiscent of a guitar pick, pays tribute to our Guitar Heroes, from David Gilmour to Jimi Hendrix, Brian May, and Jimmy Page. Hadis tells the story of rock and its excitement in the seventies. Crafted from solid, durable, and responsible Iroko wood, our coffee table sparks discussions, anecdotes, and good times. With our artisans, we've crafted a table from which the most beautiful stories emerge.


Solid Iroko wood structure. Dimensions: L 74 x H 40 x D 71 cm / Weight: 10 kg.


In the Front de Seine district of Paris, you come across this immense tower with rounded windows. In a bright red hue, it is the Hotel Nikko, a major figure in the architecture of the seventies, inspiring our designers to create a table with rounded edges (also reminiscent of cathode-ray televisions), made of solid Iroko wood. This table is suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.


Solid Iroko wood structure. Dimensions: L 74 x H 40 x D 71 cm / Weight: 10 kg.


Negin, who wouldn't think of music and percussion when discovering our Negin for the first time, made of natural cane and a flame oak structure? This bright spot is inspired by cajóns and other percussion instruments found in street performances, meeting places, and celebrations that we want to celebrate in this collection! Negin is a lively rhythm!


Solid flamed oak structure with natural cane. Dimensions: L 40 x H 40 x D 40 cm / Weight: 8 kg.


Donya is like a raindrop falling from the sky, and just like these precious drops, each Donya stands out for its unique character. Thanks to the craftsmanship of our artisans and the inspiration of our designers, each creation becomes a singular and authentic piece!


Sanded glass lamp. Dimensions: L 35 x H 85 x D 40 cm / Weight: 6 kg.


Yalda has the luxury of being savored with the eyes like a little piece of candy! With its astonishing droplet shape blown into an amber glass by our artisans, it draws from our childhood memories, reminiscent of caramel, as if frozen in a dual state. Its warm light, through its color and play of reflections, instills a contemplative moment, animating every corner of your space, from the rawest to the most natural. Gleemzy brightens hearts!


Goutte lamp. Dimensions: L 35 x H 85 x D 40 cm / Weight: 6 kg


Sarina elegantly recounts the Teahuppo wave in Tahiti, which our designers first dreamed of, then saw, and finally transcribed into an indescribable form. But nothing is indescribable for Gleemzy, who, upon returning from their journey to the pearl of the Pacific, drew this atypical wave made of delicate and delightful curvature. Our floor lamp gracefully expresses a nature in perfect balance, in a sumptuous woodwork crafted by our artisans.


Structure Iroko Massif et globe au choix. L 35 x H 169 x P 90 cm / 20 kg


Kian is a seating option, a coffee table, a decorative object, a focal point... With its design and assembly in plexiglass, it adapts to all styles. This range, featuring different sizes and versatile patterns in a 1970s pop spirit, makes Kian one of the flagship elements of the collection at Gleemzy. The Kian will adapt to your style!

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-27 at 15.57_edite

Transparent PMMA structure, UV bonding, and vitrified printing. Available in 45cm, 40cm, or 35cm sizes, weighing 8-10-12kg.



Avec notre toute première collection, Efraktion, nous souhaitons éveiller votre imaginaire et matérialiser des paysages oniriques pour que vos rêves prennent vie. Chaque élément de cette collection a été minutieusement façonné pour créer des moments d'exception à travers la magie de l'imagination.


Derrière chaque création se cachent nos équipes engagées, dotées d'un savoir-faire incomparable. Elles donnent vie à des intérieurs d'exception qui deviennent des espaces de rencontres, incarnant un véritable art de vivre. Fièrement fabriqués en France, nos produits symbolisent l'union entre le raffinement et la responsabilité, apportant une touche d'élégance et d'authenticité à chaque intérieur.


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